Sources of Strength created an Escape Room as one of the after-school events for students before Christmas break.

The Escape Room was on Monday, Dec. 16, in the commons of the Laramie High School.

The purpose of the events after school is to include all students and get them together to enjoy something fun while meeting others. 

“Some of the more intricate ones that you pay money for are pretty cool, and you are actually in a room where you have to escape. So the whole idea is that it’s kind of like your own game of Clue. So there will be a theme and you have to try to figure out these clues to move on to the next clue. And you have up to an hour to complete it,” LHS Counselor Bryon Lee said.

For the LHS activity, working in teams is encouraged to help people meet others and to help students become involved. 

“Part of why we’re doing these activities the last couple of weeks is because we got some financial support from a group called Laramie Cares, and it’s a suicide prevention coalition. And one of the things they want to do with our Sources of Strength is to make sure we are engaging students and making them feel like they are a part of something,” Lee said.

The activities are from 3:30 to 5:00. It was designed to be at this time because kids are out of school and if they aren’t in sports or other activities, students might not have a place to go or a thing to participate in.

“We just want to make sure kids have an option to come do something proactive. So obviously by doing this now, we want to do more of these in the future. So even though we are offering gift cards, we also want to provide fun after-school activities while connecting kids,” Lee said. 

Along with the escape room, Sources of Strength hosted many other events in the past couple of weeks, and plan to continue them up until Christmas break. Some events that have already happened was a talent show, a scavenger hunt, trivia, cosplay, a poetry slam and video game competition. 

Lee hopes that LHS will put on more of these in the future. He wants to have an escape room once a month for the rest of the school year.

“Part of that is of course funding. If you create the escape room it’s free, but sometimes you have to buy the rights to them, so we would need to secure some money to make it possible to have one every month,” Lee said.

Sources of Strength has worked very hard to include everyone in the school through these events, and they hope that they can have theses more often.