A final project for mythology is on the way, but the students will not know about it until tomorrow. 

The mythology students have a final project all based on oral story telling, since that part is very important to the mythology class.

“We also still tell stories today we just do it in a very different form, but often times we give oral story telling we think about podcasts.” Said Danielle Halsey “So students will have to research and create a podcast for a myth.”

Because this is their final project the students will have all of break to be able to work on their topic and a little bit after also.

Halsey’s hope is that the students will be exited for the project because their grade is not accumulative.

“I think I have a really great group of mythology students this year.” said Halsey

Next semester Halsey will be teaching Mythology again and will do the same basic assignments with a little bit of change depending on the class.

Mythology has stories from all over the globe and they show how they shaped the society that was learning from that myth.

The myths that are studied in the class can also show what that culture was like in that time.

The myths tell you what values they had or what kind of morals they had.

They show how that culture lived.

In America the myth of Paul Bunyan shows the importance of the logging industry back when it was important.

He stood for how hard the workers worked, and of bigness, and strength.

Myths similar to the kraken are based off of some truths.

The kraken for instance was most likely based off of a giant squid that some sailors saw and the story of it took off as it is today.

As in the Kraken being a ginormous squid that can take a ship down to the depths of the sea or eats whole crews alive.

There are myths all over the world about a ginormous flood that covered the earth.

In the Bible there was a flood that covered the earth.

Even if the students only see the myths as stories there is a lot to be learned from myths.

Like how the civilization acted or how people should act.

Even if the student thinks it is just a story there is no reason not to enjoy the old stories and see how it affected the civilization back then.

The final project in Mythology will be difficult because of how much time is given to the students.

And there are many myths to pick from.

With each myth there is a story from the past.

Because myths have a little truth in them it makes people wonder what those myths are based on.