The Laramie High School library is integrating technology to their system.

The Library has created their own website designed to allow students easy access to school resources and inform students on the library’s operation.

This website can be accessed through a link on the front page of the LHS website.

Stephenie Cossairt and Reesa Florom are the two librarians at LHS.

“This [website] shows basic information about the library,” Cossairt said. “But this also provides our philosophy on the library, and little blurbs about the two of us.”

Through this website, students can find hours of operation, book check out policies and the library’s mission statement.

One notable benefit, is this website allows students to remotely search through the titles of all books at the LHS library.

The “Alexandria” link, off of the website, is a circulation system that incorporates every author and book available as well as how many copies are available at LHS.

“This is where kids or parents from home can say ‘hey, do you have access to this book, what topics can you research from’” Florom said

She also mentioned that this will benefit students who are researching a topic from home or do not directly have access to the library.

Through this link, students can reserve books for later pick up.

Florom brought attention to students who are preparing for a research project, but already have the maximum 3 books checked out.

The website also includes a map of the library, and where every book or genre is located.

Another resource that the library provides is a link to

This is a state funded resource that all wyoming residents have access to.

GoWYLD has access to many databases and resources that allow for residents and students to better themselves academically.

The library has a monthly newsletter, which can be accessed through the website.

The most recent newsletter features the library’s December events.

“Every month its updated. In December we tried to highlight women’s suffrage,” Cossairt said.  “I specifically researched female authors from Wyoming”

The newsletter brings attention to women’s suffrage, where a stand at the library celebrates female authors from Wyoming.

The monthly events are tailored to historical events or national celebrations.

Cossairt is preparing the January newsletter and is planning to feature young adult authors.

This newsletter, as the name suggests, also informs students about news relating to the Library. 

The December newsletter, for example, brings attention to the 50 new books the library has recently acquired.

Many of these books are chosen from the Printz award, which recognizes books that were written for teens.

All previous newsletters can be accessed through this site.

“Everything from Septembers banned book month, to today

The librarians hope to incorporate tutorials to help students navigate this website.

This system is moving the library into a more technology friendly era.

By allowing students to use library resources from home, the library hopes to increase access of the library to every student.