The Laramie High School girls basketball team started off their season with one win and two loses last weekend.

The girls basketball team won against Rock Springs High School but then lost against Kelly Walsh High School and Riverton High School.

The tournament took place in Riverton.

Mikaela Settle, the manager, explained how this weekend she thought they played well.

“I think we showed a lot of growth, even over a short weekend. There’s a lot to clean up but we played pretty okay for the first action this season,” Settle said.

After playing their first three games, the team and Settle have found somethings they can work on.

The team did well on offense and scoring but did not do as well when it came to defense.

Settle mentioned that some of the things the team needs to work on would be boxing out other players and defensive transitions. She also explained that the team needs to be more conditioned but that will come with the season.

“There’s a lot of potential and growth possible, we can be good this year and better the next year if the team continues to work,” Settle said.

Since the girls did okay at the first tournament and games of the year, they will be able to create lots of growth, even by the next tournament this weekend.

With only mainly having to work on conditioning and defensive transitions, the girls will be able to quickly become better creating a successful season for the LHS girls basketball team.

They will also be able to run longer, be quicker, and stay on the court longer with some much needed conditioning which takes place as the season progresses.

Rod Tyson, the head coach of the girls basketball team, works hard to make sure that the girls stay as focused as possible during the games and putting them hard to work during practices.

Tyson will try to make sure that the LHS Girls Basketball team become the best they can be.

Tyson also gave the team a quote so that they have a goal and inspiration.

“The team has a quote this year, ‘champions are not champions because they do extraordinary things. Champions are champions because they do the ordinary things extremely well.’ – Chuck Noll,” Settle said.

This quote will inspire the girls basketball team to harder on the simple things and clean up their acts instead of focusing on cool tricks and various other things that would not benefit the team.

The girls have another tournament this weekend in Green River playing against Lyman High School, Star Valley High School and Evanston High School. They are leaving on the Thursday just like they did last week and will return on Saturday.

The girls last game before regionals is at South Cheyene High School on Feb. 28 with State two weeks after that, giving the girls lots of room to get better.