The engineering class at Laramie High School has officially started to push towards the end of the semester starting their final.

The students in the engineering class at LHS get to pick what they do for their project but of course there are guidelines.

For the project they are using Arduino’s, a computer programming system that you can chose what certain things with, from downloading a program onto the chip and plugging it into your project.

They also must include Thermal dynamics, which is the transfer of heat and must function.

There are a lot of crazy ideas that students can think of  for this project.

One student at LHS is working with a team to do their final project, they are trying to program a car that can sense when to stop/turn.

They are going to have cardboard and draw the lines on it to represent streets and put sensors on the streets, those sensors will set off the car’s sensor they built and make it stop or turn.

The students built a metal car so they can attach the sensor to it.

The sensor on the car will set off when it comes into range with the sensor on the road.

There will also be sensors on the side of the road to keep the car on the road and not to drop off.

“To be honest, we kind of just got together and started throwing ideas around and the self-driving car kept flying around so we just kind of figured out a way to do it,” Caleb Egbert, a student at LHS said.

Caleb also told me that they kind of didn’t have very many ideas alone, so they teamed together and put their ideas together.

“My idea was to buy a replica of the DeLorean from the movie ‘Back to the Future’ but due to time we couldn’t risk building the road and not having enough space to work so we decided to build it instead with material at the school,” Egbert said.

The students are having fun with being able to pick their own final project instead of getting told what to do but Egbert mentioned that he was struggling with coming up with ideas until he joined the group so it would of probably been better for him if he was made to do a certain one.

Of course, the students aren’t completely on their own, the teacher will be there to bounce ideas off and to help the students if they need any help at all.

“It’s pretty hard when your partners are gone because we are all assigned to certain things so if they are gone, we fall behind the project because I can’t do 3 things at once.” Egbert said

This is the kind of assignment that usually you wouldn’t work in a group for because one person can mess it all up.

The students seem to be having fun and that is all that matters.