In the upcoming weeks, multiple sports at LHS will begin their seasons with new challenges and obstacles.

One of the sports gearing up for the long road ahead is basketball.

The team is, as of this year, under new management. Schafer, a long-time basketball coach is taking charge of this year’s team and hopes to bring home the long sought-after basketball state title.

“It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I think we can definitely do some damage this year,” Bryce Parvin said.

The whole team is ready to give their all and push towards making a name for themselves and the basketball program as a whole.

Another sport that is beginning its season is wrestling, and the athletes seem very excited to begin working hard and training to be the best they can be.

Wrestling is a very taxing and difficult sport to endure especially for a long period of time, however those who compete only have good things to say about the experience.

“It’s really hard on the body but it gets you in great shape,” Jamen Livingston said.

Wrestlers are expected to do many things in order to make weight, and this can put stress on both the body and the mind of an athlete.

Wrestling is not for the faint of heart, and those who do compete have proven themselves to be tough individuals and fierce competitors.

Finally, the indoor track athletes are getting ready to lean into a long and tough season of weightlifting, running, and event training.

Many have been training in advance for the season and hope to make a big impact this time around.

“We have some really strong runner’s this year and I think that we could do very well,” Ian Meyer said.

Meyer has been involved in many sports at LHS thus far and hopes to continue to impress in this season of indoor through his strong running ability and tough mental attitude.

 He has worked hard to be in shape for the sport and continues to make strides to make himself better.

There are many sports currently starting here at LHS and they all have promising out looks and fierce athletes competing in them. This will be a year to watch for LHS student athletes.