The Laramie High School wrestling season started on Nov 25 and their first tournament is this weekend.

Five of the wrestlers went to Rapid City on Dec 13-14.

The rest are going to the Cheyenne East tournament on Dec 17.

The teams first home tournament is going to be against Central on Jan 23 at 5-6 pm.

Junior varsity only competes in tournaments they compete on Dec 13-14 against East, then Dec 19 against Hanna, and Jan 20 against Saratoga, which is a home tournament.

The wrestlers are currently getting into shape for the rest of the season.

They are learning their moves and conditions, preparing for their meets and learning everything about how to wrestle.

They also have to learn the precautions of wrestling, so that they are safe and don’t do anything wrong to hurt themselves or someone else.

Most of the wrestlers are new to the sport so they need to be taught everything before they begin to compete in tournaments.

The teams daily routine is to stretch, condition, practice and learn different moves depending on their knowledge about wrestling.

During practices they work with people of their same weight, learning moves on the other person and then more conditioning, practices last from 3:30-6 pm.

“They have been working very hard during practices, I think they will do pretty well this season for a lot of them being new to it. We may not see a whole lot of success on the scoreboards this year but as a team they will succeed and grow,” the manager of the wrestling team, Ashely Predmore said.

The new wrestlers are just getting started, this year will be more of a year for growth than success, the coaches and the team are going to work hard and will have to be patient.