On Friday Oct. 13, Laramie High School’s Spanish Honor Society will host Artesanías de Navidad in the commons area after school.

The event focused on getting the community involved in the traditions of Spanish-speaking countries during the holiday season.

“The purpose is to show people different cultures and celebrate them, and spread Christmas cheer that way” Katia Oler, a member of Spanish Honor society, explained.

Admission is free for Laramie’s community and youth to participate in Artesanías de Navidad.

Students in Spanish Honor Society prepared Spanish themed activities, decorations and food for Artesanías de Navidad in the LHS cafeteria.

“Hispanic families in Laramie can reconnect to their roots and help introduce their children to their culture,” Leila Johnson said.

It is largely catered towards children with the goal of exposing them to Spanish culture with active games and crafts.

“Different people are doing different things, so we’re going to have someone doing cup piñatas, and then someone’s cooking tortillas and I’m in charge of hot chocolate,” Oler said.

This Friday marked the third year that Spanish Honor Society has put on the event, beginning in 2017.

Recently, the club has also been selling t-shirts with the Spanish Honor Society logo to raise money.

The next big event for Spanish Honor Society students is International Night which takes place next semester.

During International Night, Spanish Honor Society partners with International Club and other LHS student clubs to provide food, performances and presentations from various cultures around the world.

The clubs sell tickets for International Night to fundraise.

Last year, tickets cost $10.

Beyond fundraising, events like Artesanías de Navidad and International Night provide the club’s students with an opportunity to accumulate their necessary volunteer hours.

Members of Spanish Honor Society must accumulate at least eight hours of volunteer service within the club’s activities.

Students with good grades in high level Spanish classes like Spanish 4 and 5 or AP Spanish are picked by the Spanish teacher and club sponsor, Diane Chamberlain, to join Spanish Honor Society.

The club is largely student run with members Sam Miller and Alhena Islam organizing many of Spanish Honor Society’s events.

They meet every other Wednesday at lunch.

In the AP Spanish classes, students have been preparing for the AP test using the new “AP classroom” resources introduced by the College Board.

AP Spanish Language is also working on the Capstone Project.

For the Capstone Project, students in AP Spanish Language must interview a Spanish-speaking person.

The interview must be conducted entirely in Spanish.

The purpose of the Capstone Project is to make Spanish students practice the language in conversation.

“It forces you to translate and produce quickly,” Oler said.

Students in the class conduct multiple interviews for the Capstone Project throughout the year.

The most recent interview focused on the holidays, and the last interview of the year will focus on politics.