Every day after school during the month of December, Laramie High School’s Sources of Strength club will offer different activities for students.

The variety of activities that are available to participate in includes trivia contests, a talent show, video games, a cosplay competition and even holiday hallway karaoke on the final day before winter break. 

The idea to host these events originally came from LHS councilor Brian Lee who was approached by Laramie Cares, a suicide prevention program, that was willing to gift the high school money to host an activity during the holiday season.

 Their goal was to provide an activity for students to unwind and hopefully destress after school during the month of December because the holidays can be a stressful time for many students.

“A big part of it is anytime we provide opportunities for individuals to just be, even if they aren’t performing at the talent show, they can still show up and maybe get inspired to do something, maybe they laugh or maybe their mood gets boosted, and that’s part of it,” Lee said.

After being contacted by Laramie cares, Lee and his intern Brittny Marlow went out one day to the cafeteria during lunch and asked students what they would like to do. 

“We kind of prompted it with ideas, so for instance me and Miss Marlow came up with cosplay and it was just one of those things that I didn’t realize that many kids would be into it and a lot of kids were extremely enthusiastic about it,” Lee said.

While some of the activities like trivia are Lee’s idea, many of the activities being offered were designed around what students wanted.  

To provide incentives for students to participate in the activities, the money donated by Laramie Cares will go towards the purchasing of after school snacks and gift cards from various businesses which students can win by participating.

To help host the event, Lee enlisted the help of the Sources of Strength club which is sponsored by LHS teachers Nichol Bondurant and Will Plumb. 

Sources of Strength is all about how the healthier each individual student is, the healthier the community is, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional health and promoting the health and welfare of each individual student. 

That made them the perfect group to help with the after-school activities, as the whole purpose of them is to provide an opportunity for students to have something to do after school which is fun and relaxing. 

“A large portion of our student population isn’t involved with proactive community minded events like this right after school, so we definitely want to capture that group and even if you are involved in different things it’s just a de-stressor for students as well,” Lee said. 

All of the activities will take place from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m., and students can get involved by talking to Lee or Bondurant to get more information and they can sign up with Pam Fisher in the counseling office.