Laramie High School State Mock Trial took place on Nov. 23, in Cheyenne, Wyo.

The team won the state championships for the second year in a row by a substantial margin as compared to last year.

Mock trial is exactly what it sounds like, a class that mimics a courtroom with roles like plaintiff, defendant, jury and so on.

Last year the team won by a smaller number of ballets at just two, however this year the LHS team won by 6 ballets, more than any other team.

One member of the team, Owen Reese, spoke of the experience at state.

“Mock Trial State happened on Nov. 23 which was a Saturday,” Reese said. “It was at the Cheyenne courthouse in the downtown area, which was interesting.”

Mock Trial is a class for juniors and seniors that is offered every semester.

“The simulated courtroom days are fun,” Reese said. “We set up the classroom to look like a courthouse and practice for state. The class has a jury, defenders, prosecutors, and a judge, who’s always our teacher. We like to keep it casual though.”

Mock Trial state is held once every year, as it is always held only during the first semester nationwide.

The LHS team won state by a considerable margin this, allowing them the chance for eight students to go nationals in Indiana.

This will mark the third year in a row that the LHS mock trial team has won the state competition.

Nationals this year is in Evansville, Ind. on May 4.