Leila Johnson and other students from the Laramie High School spent the afternoon on Friday, Dec. 6 doing a climate strike in downtown.

The students brought awareness about the climate emergency.

“It’s bringing awareness about climate change and we are wanting the city to declare that there is a climate emergency. It’s put on by a group of high schoolers and then also the Wyoming Climate activists,” Johnson said.

Johnson went to the last climate strike in Laramie and really enjoyed it, so she wanted to start being apart of making it happen.

After attending the last one, she wanted to see some changes in it to make it better.

“I went to the last one and I really thought it was great, but there wasn’t as much of a youth voice in the speeches and the people who were planning it, even though it was for the youth to come to. So I thought that I should help by making more student involvement,” Johnson said. 

Johnson thinks that it’s important to do strikes about the climate because she wants to raise awareness about what is happening to our planet and to encourage people to do something about it. 

“It’s important to do this so that people can see that their voice matters and know that they can make a difference about something that they care about,” Johnson said. 

Johnson hopes that this strike impacted the people in the community and brought awareness to what is actually happening to our world. 

She wants people to not only be aware of it, but also know what they can do to help and change about their lifestyles to help the climate emergency. She believes that the more people that know about it, the bigger change can be made. 

“I hope that it at least impacts the minds of the people in our city government, and just the people in our town when they see us march. I just hope that they get the message and do something about it,” Johnson said. 

Johnson was able to get a parade permit so they could march in the streets. 

“I thought it would be a good way to put my voice out there, and the group organizing it originally was pretty small and they needed a lot of help. I thought that since it was something I was already interested in, that I could help them while standing up for what I believe in,” Johnson said. 

Johnson plans to continue helping with events like this, and to continue making others aware of what is happening. She thinks that Earth Day will be their next major event, and urges everyone to be a part of making a difference in our world.