The Laramie High School indoor track team will begin practicing for this upcoming season. This year many of the seniors will be trying to step into the shoes of the prior athletes.

The first meet will be in Natrona County for the Natrona Invite to see how well this year’s athletes do so coaches can place them in varsity or junior varsity.

“I hope to get a lot of student athletes out this year. Ultimately, I would like to have 100 or more students out so the coaches have plenty to work with,” coach Schabron said.

In the past years track has had a good turn out of students who enjoy doing the different events and trying out to see if they can do well in the event or have opportunity to learn. This year the Laramie High School indoor track team will have more underclassmen than upperclassmen which will be good in the future because in a few years Schabron will have a large class of upperclassmen to compete for the state championship.

“This year like every year we want to shoot for top three but we’ll always go for state champions,” Schabron said.

This year the team will be getting a new throwing coach as coach Bradfield will be retiring. This will be a new road for all the returning throwers and the new throwers will get to learn from a new coach. Many applicants have applied to be the throwing coach. There was a division one college coach who also applied for the job so there is a good diversity in the applicants to really help the throwers get to a state championship.

Practices will continue to be at the fieldhouse and they will help students prepare themselves in the morning to help them focus on their events rather than what happened at school.

“We’ll have Aubrey Sanchez at pole vault this year, and Mason Swingholm who has been a solid distance runner,” coach Schabron said.

This year the seniors will really have to step up and lead the larger underclassmen and with veterans in track they will really show those leadership skills. Solid track stars such as Sanchez and Swingholm could lead them to another state championship.

Last year the girls were 19 points ahead in order to win the state championship  which was good for the Laramie High School track. The boys track team placed 5th overall but as Schabron led the team to a state championship in previous years, he hopes to continue the trend of being top three.