LHS choir class is going to Austria in the spring, LHS German students are doing an exchange program and a high school teacher is taking a group to Washington D.C. this summer.

Choir students have been raising money for a seven day, six night trip to Austria. 

They are going during the schools Spring Break of 2020, March 14 through March 22. 

They will visit nine different cities and perform in each location.  

The choir trip to Austria costs about $3600 per student but most of the money is fundraised through concessions.

LHS participated in an exchange program at the beginning of the school year with 23 German students. 

The students stayed with host families for 3 weeks and then spent a few days in Denver. 

Next summer the host families are going to Germany to stay with their exchange students for three weeks. 

The trip to Germany will begin June 4 and end June 25. 

The high school German teacher and one other teacher are chaperoning the trip. 

This trip is only $1700 for the students because the host families are paying for meals and nights. 

“I am so excited to see Anna and meet her family,” LHS student said. 

Emmaline Randall participated in the exchange program and is staying with this student when she goes to Germany. 

There is no school the first week the LHS students are in Germany so they are just participating in whatever the host family is doing. 

The host families could take the students places and show them the culture or just stay at home and have fun with them. 

The last two weeks the LHS students are there they will go to school with the students at there fine arts private school. 

Laramie High School has participated in this exchange program for many years now. 

There are families that have hosted German students for ten years in a row. 

About 25 students will go to Germany to see their exchange students. 

The Government and Politics teacher at LHS is taking a group of students on an academic trip to Washington D.C. 

They get to meet politicians and discuss common political topics with them. They will get to debate topics in a mock trial and witness a congressional hearing. 

Students will visit the Jefferson, FDR and MLK memorials, the Smithsonian institute, three different war memorials, Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, the Capitol Building and many more. 

High school students from all over the U.S. come to participate in this educational program that is offered to bring many different students together. 

Students learn about government and politics while also learning about different government perspectives. 

Students go for six days and five nights and it is expensive for many students. 

If anyone wants to donate please contact Mike McGee at the high school. 

“Ross McGee” rmcgee@acsd1.org