Smash club is a club at Laramie high school that plays a video game called Super Smash Bros.

Smash club happens every Friday right after school for an hour.

Super Smash Bros is a video game. The club plays the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which is called Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The club does tournaments to see who is the best. The best right now is Robert Brasher.

The club doesn’t only play Super Smash Bros, but it is the most popular game that they play.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been out since Dec. 7, 2018. They are four previous installments before Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

 Super Smash Bros Ultimate has all previous characters plus some to make a total of 81 characters.

Super Smash Bros was nominated for the best E3 game 2018 award. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is also a very popular game and is one of the most successful game released in recent years.

The club is down members from last year and has been recruiting hard. The club wants more people to learn to play Super Smash Bros and to make new friends.

One reason that clubs exist is to build better communities in the high school. Clubs are also there to be academic and to learn. Some clubs are there for both or just for one reason.

Smash Club is there to build communities and build friends.

Clubs are expected to have an adult supporter. All clubs have a leader and are expected to follow all school rules and represent the school well.

Some other clubs at the high school are National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, International Club, Japanese Culture Club, Key Club, PeaceJam,  Theater Guild, and Fellowship of Christian athletes are some of the clubs at Laramie high school.

If a student wants a club that is not available, they can create a club by getting other students to want to create a club and then asking a teacher if they will sponsor the club. After that they have to get the club approved by an administrator. If the administrator accepts the club as appropriate, then the club will start.