Vet Science is a class at Laramie High School, where students learn about veterinarian skills and projects. 

Saige Ward is enrolled in vet science with Brain Coxbill. Saige likes vet science very much. The class does many activities from hands on projects to notes. 

“One of my favorite projects in there are the hands on ones,” said by Ward. 

Saige has learned about feed rations, medications, breeds, parasites, insecticides and much more. 

Saige hasn’t really looked into doing vet for college. There are a lot of kids in Saige’s class, most of them are doing vet for FFA. 

Saige likes the class because she is interested in the ag industry and what supports it and vet science plays a big role for it. Farming and ranching do to, but vet is one of the most important by checking up on our livestock and what not. 

“The class helps me out quite a bit, my dad runs bulls and I kind of have the gist on how to help him,” said Ward. 

Saige has been in the ag industry for a long time and she really enjoys ag and what the world of ag holds. 

The class helps by exposing students to potential real-world scenarios by assigning multiple different work sheets that exemplify what an agriculture producer might encounter throughout the year. 

Saige has been in ag for a while and she really appreciates the ag industry for helping her out and getting the gist of it.  

Saige recommends kids to take at least one agriculture class to get an idea of what’s going on today.  

“There have been tours around pig beef sheep etc. other plants. It really teaches you what they are to do, and you still must think of how a vet must take care of the animals or checkup as well,” Ward said.

There are a lot of vet jobs and assistance’s in the state of Wyoming, but Saige doesn’t really want to peruse the vet life as much as she wants to peruse the Livestock judging.

If students get good at the class, some vets will come sit in on the class and then talk to for a little bit and might offer to help around a vet clinic for a little bit. 

If you’re enrolled in FFA or 4-h for vet, the class of vet science can help teach a lot of different things and be more experienced for the clubs and activities you are in.