This weekend is an important date for this year’s Laramie High School Speech and Debate students, as it is one of their first chances to compete.

Patty Smith, the Speech and Debate teacher held a preparatory travel meeting for the students last Tuesday to inform them on what the expectations are for the speech and debate kids.

“There’s a lot of excitement that goes on there,” Smith said.

And this year’s group of students are excitedThey’ve been preparing for a while now, some for over a year.

The Speech and Debate club is made up of a mixture of new students and varsity students, students that have participated in Speech and Debate before.

While there’s only a small group of varsity students, they will lead the way for the younger and less experienced students.

For some schools, this will be their first ever Speech and Debate competition, and that only serves to add to the excitement of going, although it can also make some kids nervous.

“It’s ok to say, ‘I don’t know how to do this,” Smith said.

The varsity students will be charged with setting an example for the less experienced and younger beginner students, by acting professional.

The inter-student connection is key to our school’s success in the competition.

“We will all be together,” Smith said.

This means that the students will ride the bus together, sit together, and perform together. It’s a chance to build strength between the students as well as a chance for the students to practice their speech and debate skills.

One of the biggest benefits of having a speech and debate club, as well as class, is that it gives students an opportunity to learn how to discuss issues with others.

In a world that is increasingly moving towards arguing as opposed to discussing, it’s especially important for the new generation to learn how to debate, instead of arguing about, topics.

Speech and Debate gives students a chance to see new perspectives, as a good debate is formatted on both an argument for their side and a counter argument that requires researching their opponent’s views.

It can also help students learn research skills.

In order to effectively debate their side, the students at Laramie High School must do outside research to give themselves background knowledge and additional points to argue.

It’s impossible to hold a debate without knowing what you’re talking about. As the name implies, the club also has a big emphasis on speech.

It’s about saying what you want to say swiftly and efficiently; participating in Speech and Debate club can help with developing that skill in high school students.

The club hopes to do well at their meet on Saturday, and that they will be able to perform their best after all the practice they’ve been putting in, before school, after school, during class, and on their own time.

Their performance at state will help determine what they work on from here on out.