Last weekend, the Laramie team played twice against the Jackson JV team, winning once and tying them in the second game.

They played one game on Friday afternoon, and then played another Saturday morning.

Seth Sorensen, a goalie for Laramie, as well participating on the travel team, Wyoming Cutthroats.

“I play for both Laramie, and then I’m also on a travel team called the Wyoming Cutthroats.” Sorensen said.

Laramie is in the 18U division tournament. They are currently tied for 3rd in the tournament, tying with Jackson’s varsity team.

Sorensen played for Laramie for the game on Saturday, while another goalie, Brennan Upchurch, played on Friday.

“On Friday, we tied them. We each only scored one point. We made more shots against them, but we couldn’t get them in,” Sorensen said.

Laramie learned from that and beat Jackson 6-4 the next morning.

“Saturday, we beat them by two points. I had 18 saves but let 4 go by.” Sorensen said.

Both Jackon and Laramie players were penalized roughing, tripping, or unsportsmanlike conduct in each game, which is common for hockey games.

The week before, Laramie lost against Cheyenne with a score of 8-2.

Both games were against Jackson’s JV hockey team. Next weekend, Laramie is playing against Jackson’s varsity team.

“We’re playing Jackson again this weekend. Not the JV team this time, though. So, we’re going to Jackson three times in a row,” Sorensen said.

It is uncertain whether Laramie will win against the Varsity team. Jackson Varsity and Laramie currently have the same score in the tournament.

“They have some good players, but so do we,” Sorensen said.

The Laramie Girls team played against Rock Springs twice last weekend. They lost both games, with a score of 7-1 on Sunday and a score of 9-4 on Saturday.

They also played against Jackson twice, winning the first game on Friday with a score of 5-2, but lost the second game on Saturday, with a score of 3-1.

This weekend, they are going to play against Cheyenne.

The Laramie Hockey Girls team are in the 19U division tournament. They are currently ranked 4th in the tournament.