The Laramie Cheer team performed at their first competition of the year on Saturday, Nov. 16. 

The cheer team got 3rd in their division and 4th overall.

“It is divided into 3 groups, small, large and extra large. Small is ten or less people on the team. Large is 11-20 people, and extra large is 21 and up. We got 3rd in the large division out of 11 teams, and 4th overall out of 17 teams,” Cheerleader Mia Pearce said. 

Pearce said that their team works well together overall and they get along with each other. She also says that their team is very supportive of one another and are always pushing to better themselves. 

The cheer team is working very hard to get better so they can place high at state in March. Pearce said that placing well at state is one of their main goals for the year. 

“Our state routine will be very similar to our competition routine, but we will add the judges comments from this competition into it to make it better. We will just keep working on that routine and take the corrections from the judges and apply them to the routine,” Mia Pearce said. 

The team will cheer at boys and girls varsity basketball games and a few wrestling matches in the winter. Pearce says that another goal for them is to have clean routines and stunts during the home games and matches. 

“I think what we need to work on is smiling more and having more fun. Even though we are having fun, we need to be better at showing it. I think we need to be better about that and have more crowd engagement. We could also work on our cheer portion because it just needs to be cleaner and louder and get more people involved in it,” Mia Pearce said. 

The competition routine is split up into three sections. There is the band dance, the cheer portion and the fight song. Pearce said that the band dance is definitely the strong suit. 

“We didn’t have corrections on that part of it and we all know it really well. I think we were all really sharp, and there were a lot of ripples, so it’s hard to be sharp, but we all did a good job at that,” Mia Pearce said. 

Cheer captain Zoe Pearce said that the team does an excellent job of working together as a team. 

“The competition overall was very fun. It was nice to see the other teams as a preparation for state. I think my team does a good job of working hard when it’s needed. Our team knows when it’s time to work and get things done. Our team also works together so well because if someone needs something, there is always someone there ready to help,” Zoe Pearce said.