At LHS there are a variety of classes offered to students when it comes to more vocational and technical skills, and one such class is Advanced Ag Mechanics.

Students enrolled in this class learn useful skills and information that will help them later in life.

“We’ve learned how to use all the different kinds of welders and all of the other machines,” Steven Peden said.

The class learns how to use four different kinds of welders throughout the duration of the class. These include Stick welding, MIG, TIG, and Oxy Acetylene welding. Each has their pros and cons when it comes to building projects with each being used for a different part of the project in question.

The students work hard to perfect their skills and produce increasingly well-made items for both themselves and those who order them to be made.

Each project must be paid for either by the student or the person who wants the item made for them.

“I’ve made a lot of different things for a lot of different people,” Peden said.

Students have made things such as a lifting rack for the track team and a stage for a music performance happening off school grounds.

Apart from the projects that people build for others, many students use their class time to build projects or fix broken machinery for themselves.

Students are permitted to bring in most automotive machines such as cars and bikes.

They then can use the help of the instructor and their peers to either repair or improve whatever machine they happen to be working on that day.

“Last year I helped someone build a go-kart, and that thing was really powerful, and I really liked every time I got to work on it,” Peden said.

The class is not solely focused on just welding and building however, students also learn some basic wiring and this year they will also be learning some basic plumping which includes installing pipes and how to direct and use water when doing plumbing.

These skills will be invaluable later in life whether it be a career in construction or simply home improvement and renovations.

Every student who enrolls in Ag Mechanics then has a chance to earn credit hours for technical courses at LCCC here in Laramie.

This only helps students even more to find the career they want and how to get on the right track to achieving those goals and moving towards a high paying technical career.

The opportunities offered by this class are not to be overlooked by students hoping to move in more mechanical and technical careers moving forward and is a program that anyone interested in metal work and basic machine use should look into.