The weights class consists of lifting and getting your body in shape.  

Titus Wookkey is a junior enrolled in weights during 4th block. Titus types his goals into the computer, and then at the end of class sees if he met them or not.  

“I needed an extra class to take so I decided to take weights and I really like the class,” said Wookey. “The weight room can get really competitive, but I only do what I know I can do without hurting myself.”

Titus does dead lift, bench press, squats, curls, pullups, sit-ups, pushups, trap bar, and box jump. 

“Weights is all about the mindset you have to tell yourself, you can do it, but if you say you can’t do it then you probably won’t, you always have to set a goal to meet,” said Wookey.  

Titus also said you start out slow then you finish strong always putting your full effort into it.  

“I also workout with my dad at the rec center before school starts and it really helps when I get to 4th hour because I am ready and warmed up so I can get right into it,” said Wookey. 

Titus and his friends in class are always trying to beat each other in lifting. 

Titus is in Robert Knaptons weights class. And is hitting their max weights, then coming back and beating it the next day and on so. 

By the end of the year Titus wants to squat 190 and right he is squatting 135. 

At the end of each class Titus must put weights up and clean up around the weight room, so it is clean for next time then we go and change out.  

Titus is taking weights both semesters. 

The grading process in weights is based on how much you do in a day and if you fill out all of your work on the iPad you us ally get an A for the day. 

If your gone for the day nothing counts towards your grade in class.  The class takes tests over agility, and max weight.

This is Titus first year of weights and he really enjoys working out and getting in shape. 

“I think the weights class really helps me out because in the summer I golf,” said Wookey