Scrimmage practice started last week after school for Mock Trial participants, in preparation for their state competition on November 23.

Under the direction of Whitney Martin, their coach, and their attorney coaches, Marion Marchetti and Erik Oblasser, this year’s students prepare to take state.

They’ve been in first and second place for the past two years, meaning that the pressure is on to claim a third victory, but they will not be going unprepared.

“Last night…was probably the best of the three scrimmages I’ve seen so far,” Martin said.

And that’s just the tip of the ice burg. These students have been preparing since September for their competition, both in the mock trial class and their own free time, but these practices, of which will be six in total, are bringing an added level of practice to their team.

These scrimmages, which consist of anything from a mock trial between the students and their attorney coaches to a trial between the students themselves give students a chance to present both sides of the case that will be brought under trial during their state competition.

Marchetti and Oblasser, the attorney coaches, are part of the law firm Corthell and King, P.C., and come to the mock trial class and the scrimmage trials in order to help further prepare the students.

The attorney coaches are part of the driving forces behind the success of our mock trial teams and volunteer their time and skills for the good of the students.

The mock trial is divided into two parts or teams, Laramie High School A and LHS 1, making for an interesting possibility of Laramie teams playing itself during the competition, as it has for the past two years.

“The ultimate goal would be to take first and second, and to see Laramie vs. Laramie in the championship round,” Martin said.

This would be a guaranteed first and second place, with Laramie back doing what they’ve practiced.

Last year, Lander came in third, making them a valid opponent to our teams, but some schools such as East and Cheyenne Central didn’t compete this year despite having strong teams in the past.

It all depends on who shows up.

“I think there’s more pressure because this would be a three meet, so I think the expectation is there and the other teams know if there’s a team to take down, it’s our kids. In that regard, I get a little nervous, but my kids are well prepared. They work hard…They will definitely be there by next Friday,” Martin said.

There’s no such thing as a guaranteed win. If anyone’s got a running shot at keeping the state title, it’s the LHS mock trial students.

This will be Laramie’s fourth year participating in the competitionTheir first ever year, they took third and fourth place.

With a work ethic that has been proven time and time again, along with a confidence that can’t be shaken, we are confident they will represent our school well.