Laramie High School Band 

By Victoria Randall

Laramie High School Band played at Walmart Shopping Center in Laramie on Saturday Nov. 9 to help with the Salvation Army toy drive and band students attended All State Auditions in Cheyenne WY. 

They played to help bring attention to the food and toy drive that Salvation Army was putting on at Walmart. 

“We played to draw attention to the toy drive,” Laramie High School band director Chris Olson said.

Salvation Army is an international charitable organization that helps people all over the U.S. 

They accept clothes for all sizes as well as kitchen items, toys, antiques, tools and other household items.

Students who went to play at Walmart volunteered to go and played for two hours on Saturday.

Some students who attended were Faith Smith, Lucie Meeker-Gordon, Aidan Geraldo, Jaden Ringer and Collin Seeger. 

Toy drive lasted from six am to nine pm at Walmart.

Laramie High School band students attended Wyoming All State Auditions at East High School in Cheyenne Wyoming on Saturday November 2nd . All concert band students were required to attend because it was a grade in the class.  All State was optional for everyone else. 

If they do well at auditions then they go to All State in January 2020 at Thunder Basin High School in Gillette, WY. 

Students must audition for judges, who are music teachers from around the state, to make it into the band. Auditions include scales, song excerpts and sight reading.

All State is when band students from all over Wyoming combine in one band and they work together on the same three pieces of music and then perform together at the end of the three days. 

Students who attend All State are more likely to make it to All North West and District Clinic which are other honor bands in the state.