Laramie High School Nordic ski season starts Nov. 18.

LHS students are excited to get back to skiing and the team.

“Practices are after school Monday through Friday. We go to Happy Jack, which is just a
short drive from the school. It’s really nice to be so close to where we ski,” Katie Kvenild said.

Kvenild is a junior at LHS, and this is her third year on the Nordic ski team. She enjoys
spending time with her friends on the team. Nordic also provides a friendly environment for new

“I was nervous coming in as a freshman. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be good enough,
or that I wouldn’t meet new people. I learned that with such a supportive team, it doesn’t matter,
as long as you are trying your best,” Kvenild said.

New members feel included and improve greatly on a supportive team. Experienced teammates help them feel welcomed, find friends, and improve their skill. They always cheer on teammates at the finish line and encourage each other to better themselves.

“Our coaches have helped us create a great team dynamic,” Kvenild said.

The coaches are also great examples for the athletes and help to promote the healthy
teamwork that the team has.

Everyone on the team gets to know each other very well. With the frequent races, they
get plenty of time to spend together.

The team races most weekends and have a very busy schedule. In Nordic, there are two
styles of skiing, skate and classic.

“We load up on a Thursday or Friday morning, and have our skate race on Friday. The
following day, there is a classic race,” Kvenild said

Races vary in length. Most of the races are 8ks and 10ks, but the shorter ones will be 5ks. The two races each weekend can become challenging for the team.

The students can miss a lot of school, which has proven to be a challenge for some members.
The team competes against other school’s teams from around the state, so they travel long
distances each weekend.

Races provide a competitive atmosphere for athletes, which helps Kvenild improve. She
likes to push herself during races and strives for her best performance every time.

“I really like being competitive and going hard in the race, and then getting to relax with
teammates afterwards,” Kvenild said.

The supportive team environment is encouraging and easygoing, but also lets athletes be
competitive. They compete against their previous times, and less so against each other, which
many team members enjoy.

“Go and get a pair of skis, and you don’t have to race, but I encourage everyone to come
out and give Nordic a try,” Kvenild said.

Kvenild is a proud member of the Nordic team and loves to ski. She encourages everyone
to try the Nordic team because it is a positive space for all athletes.