Laramie High School musical theater is gearing up for the Mamma Mia performances occurring every night beginning this Thursday the 14th, and ending on Saturday the 16th.

Though auditions for Mamma Mia began the second week of September, musical theater classes have been preparing for this play since the very beginning of the school year.

About 50 LHS students will be participating in the production, along with about 10 tech students.

Junior Braylen Bleak will be playing the role of one of the main characters best riends, Tayna.

“She is one of Donnas’ friends and she is very sassy. I love getting to step out of

my comfort zone with a character like her,” Bleak said.

Bleak has been doing musical theater since her freshman year. One of her favorite parts about theater is performing and sharing her passion in front of an audience.

“The most difficult part about the show so far has been the set. Everyone has spent a lot of time on it, trying to recreate the beauty of the story set in Greece, and it has been a lot of work for the crew. The choreography has also been difficult for some participants to learn,” Bleak added.

Some songs and scenes include ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Super Trouper’ and ‘Does Your Mother Know?’ because she has the most fun while performing them.

 “It’s scary to get up on stage and audition in front of your peers that very first time, but even if it’s not perfect or you mess up, it’s all a learning experience. I would also tell students to set themselves up for success in theatre. Get a voice teacher and take lessons, learn about your voice and how you can make it sound the best that it can,” Bleak says.

Musical Theater students put plenty of their time into these performances, practicing during class time, rehearsing before school, after school, and during I & E.

With the show just around the corner, rehearsals last many hours, not only on week days but on weekends as well.

After Mamma Mia, LHS musical theater will be performing Romeo and Juliet beginning of February 2020, just in time for Valentine’s day.

The spring performance, Beauty and the Beast will occur in April of 2020. It has been four years since LHS has performed it.

spring of 2016.

Last year, Musical Theater performed, Alice in Wonderland, White Christmas, and the very popular, Into the Woods. Musical Theater 1 which has more of the beginner students put on the show Once Upon a Mattress.

Musical Theater 1 and 2 are both courses offered at LHS. There is also a Theater Guild that occurs Thursdays after school. Mike Hancy teaches the classes as well as sponsors the Theater Guild.

The LHS Theatre Guild gives acting opportunities to any LHS students interested in comedy, tragedy, and drama through games, rehearsals and performance. Many different varieties of performance opportunities occur throughout the school year.