Laramie High School’s counseling office is looking for students to participate as camp counselors in their videos about the English and math teachers attending Camp Kindness.

Students who want to apply to be a camp counselor should film a short video about kindness.

“The audition video could be 15 to 60 seconds of what does kindness mean to you.” Bryon Lee, one of the school’s counselors, said.

These videos don’t need to be filmed alone, students can work with a friend or even a group to make their videos.

Applicants need to send their videos to before Wednesday of this week.

The counseling office only has one applicant as of now, so they are still looking for more candidates.

“The reason we’re trying to recruit students to be the camp counselors is to have this perception that we’re all involved with this, this isn’t just a math and English thing, but we’re all responsible for creating a community here of goodness and kindness,” Lee said.

A $35 gift card to Laramie’s Altitude Restaurant will be awarded to the applicant with the best video on kindness.

Students who are chosen to participate will receive Camp Kindness t-shirts and will act as Camp Kindness counselors for the English and math teachers in the next Wednesday Update video.

This video will follow the previous Wednesday Updates about the conflict between the English and math department teachers.

“We’re just going to build off of the last scene because they were in Kern’s office, last we saw, and they were sentenced to Camp Kindness,” Kimberly Dale, another LHS’ counselor, said.

In the upcoming Camp Kindness video, they will film with a green screen to show the English and math teachers participating in activities like tandem bicycling or canoeing while students act
as their camp counselors.

“The students would be reiterating that we can learn from young people too about how to be kind,” Lee explained.

This video is set to be filmed next week and shown at I&E sometime in December.

Ultimately, the purpose of the Camp Kindness video and the videos leading up to it are to teach about the importance of kindness and community.

“Hopefully we all recognize how important it is to just be a good person, be a good human, and just be kind. You know, saying things with good purpose, or if you see someone struggling, help out,” Lee said.

In previous videos, the teachers from the English and math departments have been fighting amongst themselves to lead up to this central lesson of Camp Kindness.

“It’s not about fighting to see which department is better. We’re going to try to bring it back in our next video to how to humanize each other to see that although we have these differences, some are math teachers and some are English teachers, but we’re all humans,” Lee said.