On Tuesdays and/or Thursdays, the swimmers at Laramie High School compete in water polo matches after school.

The matches are a long-time tradition on the swim team and act as a gap between the conclusion of the girl’s state swim meet and the beginning of the boy’s season, when there are no swim practices right after school. 

The matches are also a fun way to keep the swim teams in shape and to unite the boys and girls tams.

The LHS Swim coach and PE teacher Tom Hudson runs and officiates the Polo Matches.

“Water polo is a very fun sport and it gives the swimmers some fun down time between girls and boys season. It has been a tradition for many years now and Tom has been able to help us do it at least once a week,” said Senior Max DeYoung.

The matches are unofficial “backyard” matches with teams being picked by two team captains. Boys and girls are divided evenly between “caps” (the water polo caps) and “hairs” (no caps).

On average about 2-3 games are played, with teams being mixed up each time.

Hudson uses an old broom stick with a wig on top of it to make rulings on who gets the ball, which has been used for many years.

To prepare for the matches, the swimmers must move lane lines and the polo goals. When they are finished they must reset the pool for the Laramie Swim Club practices.

Laramie Swim Club is another way for the swimmers to stay in shape or to prepare for the season. Practices for high schoolers are lead by head coach Scott Cronk, an assistant coach for the LHS boy’s and girl’s swim teams.

This is a crucial time for the boys to get into shape, with the season beginning Dec. 1. When the season begins, the boys will have 12 weeks to prepare for the 4A State Swim and Dive meet, held here in Laramie. The boys look forward for the opportunity to keep the streak alive and meeting the girl’s mark by also getting a state title for the third year in a row.

The girls must also stay in shape, since Laramie Swim Club meets such as state and sectionals are right after high school boys state in the late winter and spring.