The Laramie High School library is putting two events in celebration of the month of November.

One project hosted by the LHS library is a kindness tree.

The idea of this event is for students, faculty and teachers to reflect on their life and what they are thankful for.

Reesa Florom, is a LHS librarian, and one of the people who came up with this idea.

“We encourage kids to take a leaf out of the basket… and write on the leaf anything that they are thankful for, whatever it is,” Reesa Florom said. “We want to encourage students to think about those sort of things.”

These leafs are then stapled on a decorative paper tree.

This project was erected at the beginning of this month in celebration of thanksgiving.

This time of year is widely celebrated in America as a time to, as the name suggests, give thanks for what makes your life better and what makes you happy.

Florom emphasized that students reflect on what they are truly thankful for, further giving power to the celebration of thanksgiving.

“You can see a wide variety of different thoughts ideas going on here,” Florom said. “Some are really specific with friends and objects, and some are more general like sleep.”

Florom was pleased with the current additions, and she looked forward to future additions to the tree.

In addition to the kindness tree, the LHS library has a display of books from Indigenous American authors.

This display intends to bring attention to Native American Heritage Month, which is officially the month of November.

These books are all written by Native Americans, and all have Native American mythology or characters.

Every book on display has a brief passage on the respective author.

This form of display not only brings attention to the novels, but also to the authors.

Joy Harjo is a notable contribution to this display.

Harjo is a Native American author and poet.

She was recently named by the Librarian of Congress as the 23rd poet Laureate in Jun.  

Harjo is a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, making her the first ever Native American to be appointed to this role.

The Poet Laureates job is to bring national consensioness to the creation and interpretation of poetry.

The LHS library does not have any of Harjo’s works, however they did borrow her children’s literature book “The Good Luck Cat” from another library in the district.

This is the first year that the LHS Library has used the kindness tree, however Florom plans to make this a tradition.

“I’ve been wanting to do this sense last year, but i never got it done,” Florom said.

LHS does have a history of creating displays based on nationally celebrated months, such as the Native American Heritage Month.

In Sep, the library put on a display in a celebration of Banned Book Month.

This is a continuation of celebrating different ideas or people.