Counselors of Laramie High School show visual representations of important information and other current events at the LHS

The purpose behind the videos are to be entertaining to students but to get the information out.

“We got bored of the slideshows and we figured the students did too, sure we got some eyerolls with the videos, but they were much more entertaining, and we enjoyed making them” Jason Uitterdyk said.

The first video was made last year to inform the students about graduation requirements.

From there the videos were based off other topics related to the school, the dangers caused by vaping, students being messy, being kind to one another and so on.

This week’s video will be about camp kindness based off last week’s video when the math and English department were sent to camp kindness.

The student will be camp counselors, while the teachers will be the campers.

Students will begin playing important roles in the videos.

“Students have had a huge impact on the teachers at LHS, they have taught us how to teach how to stay appropriate and how to be kind” Uitterdyk said.

A students input seems to have a larger effect rather than just a teachers or an adults input.

For the students who want to be in a video, the easiest way is to just ask, and the news team can find a place for you.

If you wish to make your own videos, that’s an option too.

The news team have been trying to get students to make videos about being kind.

The videos are meant to go into a deeper meaning of being kind.

The videos are supposed to show what being kind means to you.

It is not required by students to create these videos, but it allows for students to have an input on, or influence meanings and a further understand of matters at LHS.

There is not a criteria for the student videos, the videos just have to be goofy and entertaining but still show students what it means to be kind.

“Making the video can be stressful because we shove everything into such a small-time fame” Uitterdyk said

Not all the videos are scripted out, although the videos have been planned out a script isn’t always made.

The news team, Laurie McKain, Thomas Newman, Danielle Halsey and other counselors spend their lunch, and other times of their day putting the videos together for members of LHS to be informed and entertained.

The whole process of a video takes 10-12 hours, this includes the filming, the planning and putting ideas together.

“The videos use to take much longer to make with the editing, when we first started, I had no idea how to edit I basically just taught myself and the more videos we made the easier it became” Uitterdyk said

The videos are meant to teach members of LHS about events going in in LHS without having to use slide shows.