The Laramie High School band tried out for the All State band auditions last Saturday.

The LHS band students left at 7:40 in the morning on Saturday and went to Cheyene East High School where the auditions were taking place.

They left Cheyene around noon.

Each students audition was around five to seven minutes and the auditions were recorded to make sure the judges have no bias and only pick the best of the best.

Since the recordings are only audio and does not say who and where the students are from, it is possible that none of the LHS band students will be chosen to perform at All State.

The music is specifically chosen to challenge the band students and all the students in the state who try out use the same music.

Students received their music in September and had all the time up to All State to perfect their playing.

For the auditions, three different scales were used; two major scales and then the chromatic scale which is every note instead of leaving out a few.

The music pieces selected were also fast paced to see if the band students could handle playing under pressure and quickly.

The students are judged on how well they can play the scales without the scales in front of them and how quickly they can play.

“You [the band students] were given these musical pieces that are supposed to be able to test your ability,” Giana Rose said.

The students won’t find out if they made it until December.

“For percussion, you just tried out, and then they were like, ‘Ah sounds like you did better on this piece,’ because there was three different pieces we needed. One on the xylophone, one on the snare [drum] and one on the timpani,” Rose said.

Rose explained how three percussion students tried out being herself, Erron Hilton, and Charlotte Fraley.

Percussion is somewhat easier since it is mostly in the background but it also has an added difficulty because it has to keep the rhythm for the rest of the band.

“For band it was a lot [more students trying out], compared to last year. I think it was over 20 people, we had our own bus. It was pretty cool,” Rose said.

All of the other band students had to bring their instruments on the bus to Cheyene East except for the percussion students.

All State is a band that all band students in the state may try out for.

It is required to audition to participate on the All State band as to make sure that only the best of the best are allowed to join.

To tryout for All State students had to sign up and they received their music in advance.

All State takes place from Jan. 19 through Jan. 21, 2020 and this year it will be held at Thunder Basin High School in Gillette.

All State is not just an event for band.

There is also an All State Orchestra and Choir.