The Laramie High School Mock Trial team is preparing for state, in Cheyenne Wyo, Nov. 22.

With two weeks leading till state, the mock trial team not only meets during first period at LHS but they have also started afternoon practices.

These afternoon practices are on Mondays and Thursdays. These afternoon practices are from six to around nine.

The case they have been working on this year is an insurance case, though not as exciting as previous years some members have said.

During their practices, the team works on their insurance case and do run throughs with different parts to learn the case and to soon be off book.

“We have several attorneys in town one being Oblasser, we also have one attorney couch his name is Marchetti, the attorneys usually come in everyday or a few times a week. We go to the UW law school and scrimmage the attorneys which is good practice for us,” Makelle Upchurch said.

The Mock Trials goal is first place like any other team, though ideally striving for first place, will in return make it their third-year winning state.

“We lost a lot of seniors last year that were like really into the program, we weren’t really sure how it was going to go. We also lost our attorneys coach last year we had a different one and he moved, and we were worried we wouldn’t be able to fill the spot. And now we have a lot of younger kids, and they are very promising. They are excited and all doing well,” Upchurch said.

The LHS Mock trial team has won state two years in a row and strive at winning nationals. This year’s nationals are in Indiana, last year it was in Georgia.

At the previous year’s nationals, the LHS Mock Trial team placed 42 amongst the other fifty states involved.

While working up to state they use their in-class time to work on the case, leaving after school as rehearsals and full run throughs.

Since there are so many students participating, they have to split into two groups, team A and team 1.

In previous years it has been one team with veterans and the other being fresh participants. The new team ended up taking 1st and the veterans placed 2nd.

This caused a lot of animosity amongst the teams, so this year they have had to split up the teams evenly.

“Honestly were doing a lot better at this point than last year, last year we didn’t even get off book for state all the way, but now were already almost off book so that’s really promising because most teams at state will just have it written down. I think that shows how we take it very seriously,” Upchurch said.

The team who places first at state gets to go to nationals, and with Laramie having two teams they both can’t win.

Even with only one team being able to win, the LHS Mock Trial team allows students from both teams to participate in nationals.