Two German classes at Laramie High School have been playing a game based off of the roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons. The German classes playing are German 4 and German 5. 

Nickolas DeFrank, German teacher at Laramie High School, created the German version of the roleplaying game. He decided to call it Lasers and Gefühle. Gefühle means feelings in German.

In Lasers and Gefühle, students must create characters with certain traits. DeFrank provides the students with a character sheet to enable them to do this. 

Traits may include the character being attractive, smart, strong, and more. Students must name their character, the characters style, and the characters job description. 

Character styles include a hot-shot personality, dangerous personality, as well as many others. These characters will either be helpful or not so helpful depending on the scenario. 

Scenarios are created by DeFrank. “Basically, the game is all centered around decisions, whether you make them emotionally or logically” DeFrank said 

“You use a six-sided die, it’s pretty simple. You know it’s not like a standard Dungeons and Dragons where there’s six different die for six different situations,” DeFrank said, “The reason I’m doing this is that I can create smaller scenarios and focus on about five to eight different sorts of vocab words and get lots of repetitions of those while telling a story that’s interesting for my students. That they’re also personally involved in”. 

During the game, students respond in English however at the end of every scenario, DeFrank speaks to them about how to say the actions of the characters, the scenario and the result in German. They also write it out in German. 

“Just any sort of vocab or just like structures essentially…like ways to say things” DeFrank said 

“So like if somebody sneaks through the back entrance to a building and then you know they have to like, in one case they had to set off a car alarm in the game to distract the bouncer and then sneak past them, all of that I just said is vocab that we write down and we talk about and discuss, act, as we play the game”. 

Lasers and Gefühle has several rules to it as well. However these rules depend greatly on the roll of the dice. The game only requires one six-sided die however depending on how strong the character is, more dice can be included. 

The different numbers, one to six, can create different roadblocks for characters. The roll of the dice can also impact the characters health. Lasers and Gefühle can be played by a whole class of students however DeFrank limits it to one character for every three or four students. 

“I can create all sorts of complicated stuff but I really just like putting them in these scenarios and seeing what they do with them” DeFrank said. 

Lasers and Gefühle is predicted to be played in the coming years as DeFrank continues to modify the game.