A percussionist from the University of Wyoming attended the Laramie High School to teach the percussion class.

Students at LHS were very excited to collaborate with the UW percussion class.

The song that they played is called Ariel.

They had their concert on Nov. 4.

The director of this event was Ivan Trevino, at this concert high school students and college students played Trevino’s songs together.

Everyone was welcome to come watch and to enjoy the event.

To attend this event no one had to pay for tickets, because it’s free.

This event was held at the Fine Arts Center in the university.

The performance had started at 7:30p.m. and ended around 8:30p.m..

The LHS students and the UW students became really good friends, they enjoyed the time that they each spend with each other, while practicing their music.

They all respected each other and they helped each other when they needed it.

The Teacher Trevino showed everyone how to improve their skills by having fun.

Trevino is one of the famous percussionists who has become a recognizable voice in the percussion community.

Trevino is a really inspired percussionist that writes music with great passion and shows great expressions when he is playing.

Another percussionist named Andy is the director of the percussion class at the UW.

Andy is a talented percussionist that was helping the percussion class at the LHS improve they’re skills to produce and outstanding sound.

Andy and Trevino put in a lot of effort to make an amazing sound to fill the crowd with chills.

“The performance on Monday went very well everyone was amazed,” said Trevino.

Both Andy and Trevino were shocked of how great the performance went they knew it would be good but they didn’t expected that it would be an amazing show.

Both the LHS and the UW students were filled with joy and happiness after the show.

They were more excited that they had the life chance to perform a song with a music producer.

Parents that went to the production to support their children were very proud of how great they were.

As for other people that also went to the show really enjoyed it.

Cristal was one of the people that was present at the show.

Cristal not just enjoyed the performance she also was inspired by the music they had performed.

Many other people felt the same way.

The common between all the people that went to the show said that they felt chills all over their body when they heard the Students play their music with passion and such great expression.

The little children that went to the performance really like it.

“ I would like to play drums when I get older” said Nahomy.

Nahomy is a 9 year old girl who was inspired by the percussionist performance.

This collaboration with the LHS and the UW went better then excellent it was perfect as said from Andy and Trevino.