The Laramie High School musical theater is putting on their production of the Broadway musical Mamma Mia.

The LHS musical theater classes are preparing for their approaching show on Nov. 14-18.

Members of the Musical theater classes at LHS have been working hard in class and after school at evening rehearsals. Musical theater students work on perfecting songs and smaller parts of the show during their class during the school day. After school the students from both musical theater classes come together to do full rehearsals.

“We have been pretty busy getting ready for our opening night, we have evening rehearsals on top of rehearsing in class every day,” Katherine Haas said.

The Musical theater students work hard every night at evening rehearsals to make sure they are flawless when showtime comes.

When both musical theater classes come together during evening rehearsals, they get a good look at how the show is coming together and what they need to improve.

“During evening rehearsals, we use costumes and makeup like we would in the actual show. We get to see the musical theater one and musical theater two preform together which gives us a good idea of what needs to be worked on more and what can be worked on in class,” Haas said.

There is a lot of hard work being put into this show, but overall the students are excited for this show. The students have enjoyed this show so far and are having fun with the preparations.

“Most people in musical theater seem to be having fun with Mamma Mia. The music in Mamma Mia is fun and it makes this production enjoyable. I am glad that people in Mamma Mia are having fun with this production,” Haas said.

As opening night approaches stress is increasing among musical theater students. As they get closer to their opening, they feel stress as they try to perfect their show. 

“Although we are having fun with this play, we are getting very close to our first show and the stress is obviously there. There are certain parts that we are trying to tie together so that we are solid when we get to our first show. I am confident that we will be ready come showtime,” Haas.