The cooking program offered by LHS called ProStart has been making strides in order to help provide cooked meals for those in need of food.  

The class has already completed multiple food drives and has even provided food staff members during parent/teacher conferences that took place in the last two weeks. 

“ProStart has taught me a lot of good skills that will help me for the rest of my life,” Andrew He said. 

The program teaches students not only how to make high quality meals, but also how to manage time and work with others efficiently to achieve a common goal.  

The class is offered to students who have previously completed cooking classes here at LHS and is by far the most in depth cooking class available to those interested in making and serving food.  

“It feels good to know that we help people that are in tough situations,” He said.  

The class prepares different dishes almost daily, with the meals varying in difficulty to make and time to prepare.  

The group has more jobs than just cooking however with there being many menial tasks that must be completed after every instance of cooking. 

The students in ProStart, being the primary users of most of the equipment in the cooking labs also have the added job of making sure to clean and make sure the utensils are in working order. 

The group works tirelessly to make sure everything is to the best quality that it can be. 

“By far my favorite part of the class is being able to travel with everyone,” He said. 

The group gets to travel to different locations to compete in cooking challenges as a team, which only helps to build the group dynamic of the ProStart class.  

This helps them work together more fluently and without as many errors in communication and preparation. The crew has prepared many guided meals in order to prepare for the food they must cook on their own.  

“We get supplies from a lot of different places but the people who donate help the most,” He said. 

The class has put on many different food drives in order to help those who need a cooked meal to help get through the day. 

These acts of kindness make strides in helping those who are less fortunate.  

The group has made countless meals in order to perfect what they love to do already. The ProStart kitchen has been working nonstop to help those who need it and to train themselves to be better cooks, a skill that will be invaluable to them later in life.