The 4th annual blood drive at Laramie High School was cancelled last week. Vitalant, the blood donation agency,  was unable to bring its professionals and equipment to the high school due to the interstate being closed to high profile vehicles. 

LHS is trying to reschedule the drive for sometime in December, because of the importance of the event.

Only 10% of people that are eligible worldwide to donate blood actually do, while one in seven people entering a hospital need blood nationwide.

Vitalant helps meet this need by providing over 30,000 mobile blood drives a year and 127 donation centers nationwide.

The previous LHS blood drives have been in the commons on the balcony. 

“They take two people every 15 minutes, and they start at 9:00 and end at 1:30, working through lunch,” organizer of the event, Kim Dale said.

The only requirements to donate are that you are at least 16 years old, over 110 pounds, and to wait 8 weeks between donations.

Donating blood saves 12,000 lives a day, with people needing blood for emergencies, surgery, cancer and giving birth. 

LHS sponsors a blood drive in the fall and the spring, with Vitalant sponsoring multiple blood drives across Wyoming.

In the past, the past blood drives have been a great success, with some years having a waiting list.

Each blood drive produces about 40 pints of blood, which can be used for a variety of functions in a hospital setting.  

Overall, LHS is providing blood for people around the nation that need blood, they are saving lives with their generous donation and decision to, as Vitalant’s motto says, “save the humans.”