Friday ended the mark of 2019 Laramie High Schools junior varsity volleyball team when playing against East.

The junior varsity team lost their last game against East High School.

On their last game they were good at setting the ball, the team had good defense and they were doing well against East because they are a hard-swinging team.

“We definitely played hard and we played good as a team,” Emma Sliger said.

Sliger mentioned that they could have had more energy during the last game, could have brought them to a third set.

“I think we played much better and we had a much better set up, the coach helped up through our rough plays and helped us improve,” Sliger said.

This season they had won more games, the junior varsity team did better than past years
For next year, a lot of the junior class know they won’t make varsity because all the sophomores will fill up the spots.

The junior class must work a lot harder to get any spot on varsity, they are nervous they won’t make it, there is not a lot of hope on getting varsity for their last year.

There will only be two senior spots available next year, but only a few of the players who are not already on varsity will try out for next year.

“Our defensive players definitely improved throughout the season.” Sliger said.

The season had a lot of improvements as players and a team, they worked on defense, communication, hitting, setting, and getting together as a team.

“Team bonding was a lot of fun, the team had a bunch of good energy, like team dinners, making keychains, going to lunch, bowling together, bus rides were a lot of fun, lots of laughing and enjoying each other’s time together on a boring, long bus ride,” Sliger said.

Sliger is very excited to for next year, the new season is pushing her to get into better shape for next year, so she could make the team.

“Next year the team should really improve and be good based on this year,” Sliger said.

All the girls are very driven to do their best, so next year there should be good competition between schools and players, the players will push each other to keep playing the best that they could.

“I wish we could have made our last game a win, to close of the season.” Sliger said.

“This year was a lot of fun, and a season to remember. All the girls worked hard and made it a great season. We all improved as individual players and as a whole team. I cannot wait to see how we come together next year,” Slinger said.