Thursday, Oct. 21, students and faculty at Laramie High School dressed up to celebrate Halloween.

Students can dress up however they want, as long as it still follows school dress code.

“I saw a lot of people making jokes or references to things. Like Mr. Plum is a character from Pokémon,” Brandon Wilkes said, a student at LHS.

“There was still a lot of the generic costumes though, like I think I saw some ghosts and stuff,” said Wilkes. “My favorite costume I saw was a guy dressed up as a Viking. He had a big beard and everything.”

While many people enjoyed dressing up for Halloween, many did not think it was necessary.
The amount of effort students put into their costume depends on the crowd. Some students decided to match their costumes with others.

“It’s weird that you get into some classes, you know, and everyone is dressed up, and other classes not a single person dresses up. My math class had a ton of people dressed up, but like this class [21st Century Learner], only a few people actually dressed up,” said Wilkes.

Many students are not doing anything for Halloween since it is on a Thursday.

“I think not a lot of people are doing stuff on Halloween day because people would rather wait till the weekend to do stuff,” said Wilkes.

While Wilkes did not dress up for Halloween, he still says that he enjoys it.

“Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a night where you can mess around. You know you can do pranks and stuff. Plus, there’s a lot free candy everywhere,” said Wilkes.