The 4-H club had a haunted barn for the town of Laramie to go visit on Oct 25-26 at 6p.m. 

Makayla Renisen, is a senior at the Laramie High school, enrolled in 4-H. 

“We have done the haunted barn for 4 or so years and we are always changing it up each year,” Renisen said. 

Renisen’s mom is the boss of the hunted barn and she is always coming up with new ideas and themes that make the barn fun.  There are kids in masks, makeup, and props and some with chain saws and fake knives.

“We also have fog machines and strobe lights as well as glow sticks and black lights. In the back behind all the tarp walls we had a dirt bike so when kids went back there, we would start the dirt bike to scare them,” Renisen said.

In the room there was also snacks and candy as well as coffee, apple cider, and hot chocolate. 

“We have two nights of the hunted barn and the first night always kind of slow, but the second night the whole room was filled with people,” Renisen said. “We had bunch of people helping us with the barn Colten Elliot, Tanner Rodgers, Rylie Heggie, David Parker, Calli Parker, Jack Bullock, Riley Miller, Luna Olvenson, and the Doug Johnsons kids.” 

The hunted barn went from 6-8:30. 

“I have really enjoyed doing the hunted barn each year and I am always exited for the few years to come,” said by Renisen. 

Every year they are always trying to make it fun for the kids and parents. The materials used for the hunted barn were panels tarps cloth and more. 

The people that are the jr. leaders, host the hunted barn. Jr. leaders are a bunch of 4-h kids that help with people’s projects throughout the summer. 

It takes a bunch of time to get ready in the barn, they must set everything up and then have it inspected by the fire marshal, so it is safe for the kids and family’s that want to go through the barn.