Laramie High School’s French exchange Students left last Thursday after three weeks in Laramie.

The French exchange was set up by Dianne Thompson and the English teacher in la Côte Saint-André, the exchange students’ town.

Last spring break the French exchange students who stayed here hosted the American students.

“Hosting a student was fun. It kept me super busy all the time but it also forced me to actually have stuff planned and fun stuff to do rather than mostly stay home all day,” Grace Abwe said.

With the hosting, the French exchange students weren’t the only students who learned something.

“I learned how to time manage differently, like if I want extra time to do more stuff, and I learned how to communicate more effectively just on a day to day basis,” Abwe said.

Abwe explained how she did not speak French to her exchange student because they had practiced their English often and since they were here to practice their English not French.

The LHS French students had the exchange students shadow them during the school day going with them to all of their classes and after school the LHS students did fun activities with the exchange students.

The LHS French students kept the French exchange students busy with various activities like going to Medicine Bow, Denver, University of Wyoming football games as well as LHS football games, UW homecoming, the orchestra and choir concerts, watching movies, and everyday activities that the host families did.

The exchange students also met up together to do fun activities with groups of host students like going to the movies or having Halloween parties on the weekends before they left.

On the last night of the exchange, Thompson set up a sports night with dodgeball and volleyball with all of the French exchange students and all of their hosts.

“The best part was learning lots of cool stuff from them and about them and having someone your age to hang out with all the time,” Abwe said. “The worst part was just feeling guilty on days we didn’t do anything interesting because I was busy or there wasn’t much to do because I didn’t want to bore her.”

Abwe explained how it was nice to get to personally know the exchange students instead of just gawking at them in the hallways when they walked by.

For Abwe, the time went by fast and with parent teacher conferences the French exchange students weren’t in class at LHS for much time.

The exchange was a big culture shock for the French exchange students.

On the first day of them being here one of them had commented on how “big” all of the vehicles were in Laramie with trucks and the school buses.

There were 20 exchange students, 16 of which were hosted by LHS French students and 4 by LHS Spanish students. There were 17 girls and three boys came.

The students were here from Oct. 13 to Oct. 31, leaving around 11 a.m. to take a shuttle to the Denver airport.