Laramie High School (LHS) hosted its annual Trunk or Treat event for the children of Laramie to enjoy fun games made by LHS students and staff and collect candy. 

Trunk or Treat is a fun and safe way that younger children can have fun with games and receive candy without being out on cold nights. Also, it helps get the high school involved in the younger community as well as their parents. 

The past few years students and staff have decorated vehicles and the event was held outside. This year it was held indoors due to weather. Last year DECA had a bean bag toss in the back of a truck. 

“I like how Trunk or Treat brings the community together and gives the younger crowd and their parents a fun and safe Halloween experience,” Cameron Olsen, a member of DECA who has participated for 3 years said. 

DECA puts on the event to provide for the community, but also to help their own club. When they go on to nationals to compete they have a banner that is put on their names that makes them appear good in front of their judges. Every DECA chapter in Wyoming will be doing a version of the trunk or treat so the state of Wyoming will appear very community based in front of the rest of the nation.

“If you’re a fun enough person to come to trunk or treat then you deserve more candy than we can give you” Olsen said.

This year DECA had two themes for their trunk. This year they went with a Jurassic Park theme that had a large T-Rex head above them that was really appealing to the kids. They also had a Stranger Things theme which had been voted on by the DECA chapter. 

A game provided by another club was a cake walk that let the kids win prizes and candy when they got their number called. Another activity was cookie decoration, which was a favorite among the younger kids.

“My favorite costume that the kids came in with probably is doctor Emmet Brown from Back to the Future,” Olsen said.

The costumes the kids wore this year ranged from the classic ghost to Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Trunk or Treat also had a donation bin for canned goods that DECA took to Laramie Interfaith to help provide food for those in need.