Despite boys swimming not starting for another month the future and activities for the students are looking very great.

Already before the actual start of the boys swimming year the people involved are already training so they can be in shape for the competitions in the upcoming months.

“We’ll start that first week of December officially, a bunch of our members of the boys swim team and diving team have already been doing pre-season practices with our Laramie swim club…” Said Tom Hudson “Right now we’re just recruiting new kids and trying to get as many out for the team as possible and hope to defend our state championship.”

Because the season hasn’t officially started, they don’t have an actual fixed number of how many boys have joined compared to last year.

Tom hopes that this year they will have 35 boys this year instead of 25 compared to last year.

The boys will be training in the mornings and afternoons every day showing the dedication it takes to be in the sport.

The boys swimming is the two year defending title for the state championship.

This year we at Laramie High School will host the state championship at our new pool.

We will also host the 3A-4A invitational in late January where there are 20 or more teams there.

Throughout the year the boys swimming will have many events that they hope to do well in.

The state championship competition jumps from the pool here at LHS and the pool in Gillette.

Hudson is sure that the people from last year will come back for another.

Hudson loves seeing new kids join the team because the coaches are great and so is the community.

There is no separation of the students.

They are all on the same team no matter age or experience.

You must do a qualifying standard for state, but at all the rest of the meets everyone is involved.

Swimming is more of an individual sport where the students do their races and that helps the team score points.

This is Hudson’s 30th year coaching and he has seen many students come into the team and leave better than they were before.

From 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. the boys train and from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

This year is the fourth year that the swimming pool here at LHS has been open.

This will the first year that the pool here will be hosting the state championship.

Every other year LHS hosts the state championship.

Hudson is hoping that the boys swim team will win the state championship for a 3rd time in a row.

All in all, the year for the boys’ swim team is looking very good and very difficult.

Hudson encourages that anyone with any or no amount of swimming experience to join, since he has seen many students come out of their shells.