The new yearbook app ReplayIt, makes it easier for students to share their own photos to make the yearbook more of the schools.

This app is helping make Laramie High School a better community.

The app is very simple to get on the app store.

It is free and simple to use making it a valuable asset on the yearbook staff.

“We have more students, parents, coaches, and staff contributing to the yearbook,” Patricia Smith said.

The pictures aren’t limited to just the school and parents.

“Anybody connected to LHS can download the app,” Smith said.

One of the best parts of being able to download the app is that everyone then gets the chance to have their own pictures published.

The only restrictions on the photos are that they have to be connected to LHS and they must be school appropriate since it is for the school yearbook.

LHS is already into it.

We get pictures just about every day,” Smith said.

Though Smith is very happy that LHS is sending photos, it has made the yearbooks staff job harder and easier at the same time.

It can be simpler since the yearbook does not need to have to take as many pictures with students getting some great photos but it also makes it difficult since each photo submitted is then categorized into separate folders.

She is still sending out yearbook staff incase no students, parents or anyone else connected LHS don’t send any pictures to the app.

However, the yearbook staff won’t go to every game and competitions.

This is the first year Smith and the yearbook staff decided to use the app by Jostens, the site that helps design the yearbook.

Jostens customizes everything from yearbooks to class rings to sports and event jewelry.