Parent Teacher Conferences were going on last week at Laramie High School.

“Well typically we’re going to visit with folks about how the student is meeting objectives and goals in the classroom,” LHS teacher Kyle Stucky said. “If there are any areas, talk about their strengths, talk about their weaknesses, and if there are any areas we need to address within the classroom, whether it be behavior or academics.”

Students are allowed to join in the discussions to discuss with parents and teacher. 

“Students are welcome to come, they don’t always come, I think that’s kind of a family preference, whether the family wants them there, or if the student wants to be involved in it,” Stucky said.

Teachers can provide classwork and grades on assignments to parents, all though not all do. 

“I can’t speak for all teachers; I can tell you that in my classroom we would go through the grade book assignment by assignment, you know, kind of allowing parents to see what we are doing in the classroom,” Stucky said. “If there was some missing work that the student was still able to make up, they can certainly obtain it at that point as well. Just so parents get a better understanding of how the classroom functions and what’s taking place in here.”

Teachers can discuss with parents of how students can receive help if they have failing grades, or just want help, such as credit recovery. Teachers in a short amount of time can connect with the students’ parents and talk about problems and solutions.

“The purpose, the goal, is to get everybody on the same page, have that communication with parents and students. Ultimately, we want students to be successful, so we talk about plans on how they can be successful,” Stucky said.

The goals are to reach students and parents and get the students to be successful.

“To have a plan with each parent and student of if they are reaching their potential and achieving their goals, and creating a plan for success,” Stucky said.

Parents and teachers were set to discuss for ten-minute intervals. The discussions happened after the half day of school on Wednesday Oct. 23 from 3:30 PM-7:30 PM, Thursday Oct. 24 from 8:00 AM-7:00 PM.  

Parents signed up for conferences with teachers via the online signup on the Laramie High School website.