Laramie High School DECA competed in Fall Marketing and Entrepreneurship Conference on Oct. 21 in Casper Wyo.

MEC is a way for DECA members to practice and prepare for state competition. There the students competed in entrepreneurship and marketing role play games and tests.

All chapters of DECA from across the state participated alongside sister club FBLA. Wyo DECA has a total of 12 state chapters.

“It was an amazing experience,” Rowan Kelly said. “MEC provided an opportunity for students to practice and prepare for state competition.”

This was more than just a practice round. “Many students from Laramie High School won meddles,” Kelly said. “LHS went prepared, and it really showed, some of the other school just go to have, LHS goes to win.”

Kelly competed in restaurant and hospitality, But there are a diverse range for which to compete in finance, hospitality and tourism, marketing and business management and administration.

FBLA is another school club that focuses on business preparation. DECA is more focused on marketing, while FBLA is focused on leadership.

There were may different conferences that the students could attend. Workshops like “Who Wants to be an Entrepreneur?” and “Personal Finance: An Epic Formula for Financial Success” taught students about how to build a business, and personal finances.

Eddie Slowikowski gave the keynote speech. His speech, “The Best Version of YOU” worked towards getting people comfortable with themselves.

Kelly describes the speech as “awe inspiring performance. Truly, I can use what I learned form this speech to grow as a person, and as a leader.”

MEC took place at The Parkway Plaza in Casper. The Parkway Plaza commonly hosts school conferences like DECA and FBLA

DECA State will take place in mid February. This competition will determine which students and chapters will go to nationals.

At state, each student will compete in a verity of fields or subjects.

LHS DECA is one of the largest chapters in the state, with around 40 members. This active group of students has a strong history of out performing other chapters at state.

National coipition will take place in the last week of April 2020. The host city is Orlando, Florida.

Distributive Education Clubs of America or DECA, is a club designed to encourage students to research business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Students must research and develop business focuses strategies to compete in conferences and state and national competitions.

The competition is in two parts, a test and role play simulation. Student take a 100 question multiple choice test. This test directly relates to your chosen field of competition. Then students participate in a role play scenario . They are given a prompt and allowed a brief preparation before presenting the plan to a panel of judges.

These competitions teach students about research, preparation, public speaking and much more.

Students of DECA often pursue careers in things such as business or marketing. This club has outstanding results in preparing students for such careers.