The book club meeting promised last week was postponed to Oct. 30, in order to make room for all students.

With the French kids, along with the library’s regular Intervention and Enrichment (I and E), it made more sense to postpone the meeting.

While the library has no official I & E class, they do have a group of kids who typically come to the library during this time period.

“I have kids who like to come here during I and E… they like to come here because they like to use the laptops, or they like to read, or they just like to study,” said Florom.

This is no wonder, as a sense of security is what led the French students to be there also.

It was just easier for the French foreign exchange students to be in a low stress environment, such as the library to study and talk among themselves.

“It was just really (busy). I had to get my regulars to respect my French kid’s space, because the communication there was not that good,” said Florom.

This was in no way due to the misbehavior of the regular students, simply their great numbers.

As this week is unusually short, the question as to when to make up the meeting provokes more thought than it would normally.

“We just decided to do it right close to Halloween, and make it a little Halloween-y,” said Florom.

They also hope that students who would have been unable to come to the previously scheduled meeting will be able to come to next weeks’.

This will give a chance for word to get out to more students, hopefully providing a bigger crowd for the first meeting.

As many are aware, we are currently hosting several foreign exchange students from France, which both provides them with a chance to experience the culture of a foreign country and gives us a chance to interact with people from a foreign culture.

Many of the students have been attending regular classes along with going to classes as a group, such as the orchestra room to watch the students there perform.

While it is a great opportunity to travel to a different country, especially one that speaks a different language, or has a completely different culture, it can also be a very scary thing, as your ability to communicate significantly decreases.

As the meeting will be closer to Halloween, it can be expected to have some elements of scare celebration in it, if only the student’s thoughts on that day.

It is hoped that nothing more will happen to postpone the meeting, especially because the students who wish to participate will be able to function independently after the initial meeting.

As soon as they’ve had a chance to get to know each other, the book club students will be able to run the book club without as much adult supervision.