The Super Smash Bros club is one of the new clubs being offered at LHS this year and many are very excited by the prospect of playing a great game with all their friends.

This club only has one rule and that’s to have fun.

Students can play however they want with everyone else, from tournaments to more casual matches.

“The smash club is the best club to ever be at LHS,” Robert Brasher, a longtime fan of the game and one of the founding members of the group, said.

The smash club invites students to kick back and have some fun with a great multiplayer game.

 It also promotes the creation of new friendships and the meeting of new people.

The club meets on Friday’s right after school.

“I love the game, but it’s not as fun to play alone. That’s what makes this club so great,” Brasher said

The smash club brings together like-minded individuals who enjoy the game and want to meet new people to play with.

The point of the club is to bring together fans of the game to have fun playing but it has become a place for people to grow and meet new individuals while forming friendships over a common interest.

The club plays tournaments every week but often warm up with casual games before moving into the more competitive matches.

The club also promotes good sportsmanship and respect for one another.

“Smash is my favorite game ever to play with other people,” Brasher said.

Smash was built to be played with other people and finding a space to do so is sometimes hard, but the smash club takes care of that. They provide a safe space to play the game care free and to let loose and have fun.

Many students who attend the club use the time to practice their skills for tournaments and competitions outside of the school.

The group has been meeting since the beginning of the school year and is always looking for new members to join their club, with all invited regardless of age or skill level.

The group hopes to go down to a tournament as a group soon to test their skills out at a higher level.

Smash is an extremely technical game but with enough practice anyone can learn it.

There are many ways to play the game. It is always changing and there’s constantly something new and exciting for people to enjoy.

The atmosphere is also very laid back and allows for people to feel comfortable sharing in the fun that is playing a match of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

The smash club allows for people to branch out and try something new with new people.