Laramie High School club, Sources of Strength, is helping students when they are struggling. 

Nichol Bondurant leads this high school group to help students when they need it. 

“Sources of Strength is a suicide prevention group where peer leaders try to give everyone tools when they are in times of crisis, so it never even reaches the stage of suicide ideation. The goal is by giving every student a sense of resilience, and so they know where to turn. Whether they are having a bad day, or they are stressed, or they are actually having anxiety or suicidal thoughts,” Bondurant said. 

There are eight different strings that Sources of Strength have. 

They are mental health, family support, positive friends, mentors, healthy activities, generosity, spirituality and medical access. 

Bondurant says that they train their peer leaders around those strings to make sure that everybody has something they can lean on to help them. 

“I want everybody knowing that they have a place to turn if they need it. I want to help build resiliency and support in the whole school. I want everyone feeling connected and accepted, everyone knowing that they’ve got places and people they can turn to and strengths they can lean on. I think for whatever reasons, students have a lot of anxiety and stressors, and if we can give them some healthy ways to deal with those, they will feel better,” Bondurant says. 

Sources of Strength hosts some fun events throughout the year. 

Last year, they showed a movie that supported positive friends, so they used “Big Hero 6”. They plan to do something like that again this year. 

Sources of Strength will also do a Weep Along event in the spring semester to spread positivity around the school.  

Along with that, they also plan to on doing a thankfulness campaign in November.

Their main project coming up is working on stress management strategies for the holidays. 

“We want to work on those strategies for right before the holidays because when we get back from the holiday break after December, there are finals, and we want to be sure we have some nice destressing activities set up before everyone leaves for holiday break, and then when they come back for end of semester,” Bondurant said.

Bondurant says that the only thing required to be in the club is to be interested in it and show up. She says that even if you don’t show up every week, you can still be in it. 

“We do a training once a year, when we get our peer leaders trained through our official curriculum so everyone understands the language, purpose, and mission statement of the club,” Bondurant said. 

Bondurant was originally asked to go to a Sources of Strength training a couple years ago and was amazed at how positive the program was.

“I thought that if we could get that started in our school, that could really help more people feel connected and know that they have resources,” Bondurant said.