Laramie High School’s National Honor Society club hosted bake sales last Thursday at the choir concert and this Tuesday at the orchestra concert.

“We’re a service organization and we’re a club. So, we don’t have any funds, and we have to do fundraisers,” Donna Solverud, one of the club’s sponsors, said.

At the fundraisers, NHS members sold their own baked goods such as bread, muffins, cinnamon rolls and cookies.

The purpose of the bake sales was to raise money for the upcoming induction of NHS’ new members next week on Tuesday.

“They get little National Honor Society pins that they can wear on their letterman jackets or whatever, and so we have to raise money for those,” Solverud said.

The club’s other sponsor is Andrea Wilkison.

They meet once a month on Mondays at lunch, but NHS isn’t accepting any more students this school year.

The club only accepts new members once a year, and only sophomores, juniors and seniors can apply.

Because of the organization’s focus on student achievement and community engagement, NHS has strict policies about qualifications for students who want to join the group.

“National Honor Society is a national organization for students who have GPAs of 3.5 or better. They have to apply to get into the organization. They have to be well rounded students. They have to do things in the community, be involved in different activities in school and be of good character,” Solverud said.

Membership in NHS has benefits for students who want to attend university after high school.

“It’s a national organization that helps those kids with scholarships to college, and it basically looks really good on your college resume,” Solverud added.

Each member of NHS needs to record eight hours of individual community service work throughout the year.

Working the bake sales counts towards their community service hours.

Other activities that can be recorded as community service hours include helping out at senior homes and helping people move, clean houses or do yard work.

“Any kind of service that you can do for others counts towards that,” Solverud said.

NHS members must also participate in one collective community service project each year with each member of the club pitching in to whatever that project may be.

LHS’ chapter of NHS is still working to decide what their project will be for this year.

The group also recently picked their officers.

They elected Arundathi Nair, Alhena Islam, Corinne Buss and Ruby Novogrodsky.

“It’s a student led organization, so the organization is only as strong as our leaders are,” Solverud said.

NHS hosts national and regional events, but LHS’ chapter hasn’t had the necessary funds to attend these events.

The nationwide organization first began in 1921 and has been around at LHS for a long time as well.