This Wednesday will be the first scrimmage for the Laramie High School mock trial teams. This scrimmage will be different from others because it will be the first practice that is off-script. 

The teams will have memorized their questions, openings and closings for the plaintiff and the defense and will recite these procedures at UW in the College of Law department.

They will get feedback from real lawyers, legal students, and other university students that will act as the judge and the jury.

Whitney Martin, a social studies and psychology teacher at LHS, talked about how why this scrimmage prepares the LHS team for state quicker than most teams. 

“This Wednesday is their first off-script practice, and one of the reasons that our team is so prepared for state is that we get off-script fast.”

Legal Studies of Mock Trial is an elective that can be taken multiple times, because the case is different every year, switching from civil to criminal cases.

“It really is like putting on a real trial. You are given a case, and you have to prepare it like attorneys would in the real world, from opening statements to direct and cross-examination of  witnesses, closing statements, making objections according to the federal rules of evidence, just the whole gamut of what real lawyers do but in a much longer time than what real lawyers have to prepare for their cases,” Martin said.

The LHS Mock Trial team is sponsored by the Corthell & King, P.C. law firm, with Marion Marchetti and Erik Oblasser being their main attorney coaches. 

The Mock Trial team could not keep participating in events such as the State competition without them, and with their help have won state two years in a row. 

This year Martin said that she was hoping for a “Threepeat”, or a third year in-a-row of State victory. 

“We have taken first and second in state for two years in a row, and have had both Laramie teams play each other before in the championship round, which is always fun, because we knew we were going to nationals, we just didn’t know which team was first and which was second.”

The first place team at State make it to nationals, which is held in different places every year, this year being in Evansville, Ind.

If the LHS team takes first place this year, they will get the bid to go to nationals, and will form a national team that will practice intensely from April until the competition in May.

Although the National competition is in May, the coming scrimmage will build upon the students’ ability and help them to keep preparing and ultimately be ready to take first place at state, leading to Nationals. 

Practice and former knowledge of a subject lead and help build upon the ability to improve upon something, and although this Wednesday the LHS mock trial team will be mainly focusing on being off-script, it will also mentally prepare them for the scrimmages and competitions to come.