Laramie High School Jam Band looks to rebuild and work toward an end of the year performance after many core band members graduated last year.

Jam Band is a more individualistic music class where instead of perusing more traditional means of musical education such as jazz, orchestra or choir, students explore the more modern aspect of music by playing instrument such as electric guitars, basses and drums.

“Jam Band is like an independently driven music group that allows you the freedom to create basically whatever music you want with the people around you,” Two-year member of the group Andrew He, said.

The course is offered by LHS band teacher Chris Olsen; however, she does not directly instruct the students. The seven students of the class and “members” of the band are essentially given the time to individually work on improving their playing ability and working together on playing different music they decide on.

“Technically Mrs. Olsen teaches it, but she doesn’t really check up on us as it is the same hour as Jazz Band, so she doesn’t really have time to check on us, so we kind of have to do our own thing,” He said.

Students choose whether they want to be in Jazz Band or Jam Band, but Olsen sometimes has members of the Jam Band play in musical combos with the Jazz Band. This year only Jam Band bass player Sean Clerkin participates in combos.

“I chose Jam Band because it sounded a lot more laid back and because I don’t play any traditional instruments it was a better fit as well,” He said.

According to He, the band has a dilemma as many of the bands core members, such as Jason Vanlandingham, have graduated. This year some of the members don’t have the same dedication and musical skill.

“I’m not that great at guitar as I’m still learning, and like a lot of other people take it because they have nothing else to do and just mess around. There is only like a few of us that take active strides to improve our musical skills; like it’s me and Sean and two underclass man who actually work on improving the band,” He said.

In past years Olsen would have the students in Jam Band preform at concerts and different events. However, this year the Jam Band hasn’t had and performances and don’t have any scheduled.

“Mrs. Olsen and I came to an agreement that I would spend the year improving my skills until I was actually good enough to perform, so until then we don’t really have anything planned,” He said.

The Jam Band does hope to be able to perform at the end of the year graduation ceremony and have set that as a goal to work toward.

After this year whether the class is still offered depends on how Olsen is feeling. If she thinks people aren’t being productive, she won’t offer it as a class next year.